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The Pledge is a commitment by an organisation to implement and maintain a defined set of measurable actions, tailored to the local ecosystem, which help to influence and shape a better future for women in entrepreneurship.

The Pathways Pledge is action-focused, not prescriptive.

The Pledge is a light touch, collaborative initiative where organisations implement their own actions, using the Pathways Report as the 'manifesto' for change. These actions are shared with other Pledgers and are tracked and reported over a 12 month period. The Pledge helps organisations consolidate their efforts to drive change through collective ownership, thus achieving a greater impact.

An example of a Pledge could be...


to publishing and enhancing gender data


investment and selection panels


female participation in programmes beyond existing policies


existing programmes to more locations

Who can become a Pledger?

Organisations from across the landscape, regardless of industry or size, can participate. Being part of a large and aligned movement will amplify, accelerate, and improve outcomes. Pledgers underpin the Pathways strategy, and their combined work will have a louder voice and bigger influence.

Our focus is on consolidating efforts to drive change through action-led collaboration, with each organisation contributing its share to achieve a greater collective impact.

Ana Stewart

Chair & Co-Author of the Pathways Report

Our Pledging Partners

How can my organisation take the Pathways Pledge?

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact us at