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A new approach for women in entrepreneurship.

1 in 5

of Scotland's entrepreneurs are women


of institutional investment goes to women-led companies in Scotland.

The Pathways Report

In March 2022, Ana Stewart was commissioned by Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy, to chair an independent review into female entrepreneurship in Scotland. The Pathways Report is the culmination of that review. Its recommendations are concerned with dramatically raising the participation level of women in the entrepreneurial economy, thereby increasing Scotland's entrepreneurial capacity and improving its economic performance.

About Pathways Forward

Pathways Forward has been created in response to extensive public and private sector engagement and momentum generated by the Pathways Report. Its primary objective is to drive positive change through tangible, practical and swift action and to influence policy through collaborative thought leadership across the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Pathways Forward believes that if Scotland can address the report’s findings through positive action, this nation can become a leading force in equitable and sustainable entrepreneurship.

There is no one root cause to the gender imbalance in entrepreneurship. Resolution is complex and nuanced. That being said, the 31 key recommendations outlined in the report reference many of the touch points in an entrepreneur’s journey and offer relevant organisations a starting place.

Pathways is focused on dramatically increasing female participation and growth in entrepreneurship in Scotland. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the Scottish economy and we need them to be supported, end to end, in order for them to thrive and grow. It is on us, collectively, to take positive steps and action to create an environment that is inclusive and fit for purpose.

Ana Stewart

Chair & Co-Author of the Report